My company Carmentae Infrastructure Management GmbH supports infrastructure managers by the implementation of the newest scientific findings in their management process.

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About Carmentae

Carmentae is a consulting company specialized in infrastructure management. The company was founded in 2018 by Prof. Dr. Bryan T. Adey, Dr. Clemens Kielhauser and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hackl as a spin-off from ETH Zürich.

We believe that for societies to thrive, we must all hold ourselves accountable for tomorrow. That means creating innovative solutions to the challenges the future will bring. It inspires us to stay curious, act locally, and think internationally.

Jürgen Hackl Written by:

Dr. Jürgen Hackl is an Assistant Professor at the University of Liverpool. His research interests lie in complex urban systems and span both computational modelling and network science.